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Vier de feestdagen bij hotel Enschede!
Vier de feestdagen bij hotel Enschede!


U bent tijdens de feestdagen weer van harte welkom in ons hotel. Met uw gezin, familie, vrienden en/of kennissen kunt u dit jaar weer genieten zonder zorgen. Ons hotel biedt u meerdere mogelijkheden aan om dit jaar weer tot een feest te maken.

Average score:
82 reviews
Airporthotel Duesseldorf 
Very good and friendly staff, the service really good. I will recommend this place.

I am very pleased with everything. Although a big place it feels cosy and nice, spacious and bright. The only thing I would like to suggest: we came by with the tram 701 and I missed a sign which direction to go to your hotel, it took us a little time to find the right direction. If it would be possible to install a sign near the tram where to go, it would be helpfull.