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Düsseldorf and the surrounding area has a varied leisure offer for children and young adults. We would like to recommend the following destinations for your excursions:

  • Playground Felderhof Ratingen

A classic children's playground in the immediate sounding area of the van der Valk Airporthotel.

  • Forest-Playground Düsseldorf Rath

The great natural playground on the edge of the Aaper Forest is a wonderful destination for trips all year round for trips to Düsseldorf and forest walks. The large sandy digging area with playhouses, climbing wall, a slide, hanging mats, swings and seesaws is surrounded by oaks and beeches, which pleasantly surpass the playground even on hot summer days. Also the large climbing forest with different degrees of difficulty, fits into the naturally growing environment.
Address:Oberratherrather Straße / Dachsbergweg

  • Zoo Krefeld

Enjoy the strolls in the Krefeld Zoo and experience the extraordinary diversity of the approximately 1000 animals in 14 different animal worlds.

In addition to different native animals, you will also learn a lot of interesting facts about exotic animals from the African savannah or the rainforest.

  • Zoo Duisburg

Go on a unique trip around the word in the realm of the animals, in the zoo at the Kaiserberg , from Australia to Europe, from America to Africa. Unforgettable experiences can be enjoyed while watching the dolphins, the popular Koalas and the majestic Siberian tigers. Or relax while you view the underwater world at the reef basin


  • Public indoor-pool „Düsselstrand“

A visite to the leisure and family bath “Düsselstrand” is an adventure for the whole family. The many attractions invite you to an exciting day that leaves nothing left to be desired. Here you can find several offers for fun and games as well as fitness, wellness and recreation.
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  • Public outdoor-pool Lörick

If you like to lie by the open-air swimming pool and want to have some quiet time, you will always find an "uninhabited" area in Lörick. The most beautiful open-air swimming pool of Düsseldorf is located right by the Rhine River and offers, above all, space (a total of 98.703 m2). The newly designed children's area is generously laid out and equipped with large sun sails. For swimmers, the 50m pool is open from 6:00 am and sports fans will find plenty of opportunities for beach volleyball, basketball and football.
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  • Leisure Park “Movie Park”

Moviepark Germany near Bottrop-Kirchhellen is a seasonal leisure park focusing on film. In addition to film-based rides and shows in six thematic areas, there are studios in which television and cinema productions were filmed.
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  • Leisure Park “Phantasialand”

In six areas, Phantasialand offers its visitors numerous rides and shows. Even the smaller guests get their money's worth in their own thematic area.

The regular season lasts from late March to early November; In the winter months the park opens for a few weeks with a special winter program.
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  • Legoland Oberhausen

Legoland is the name of seven recreational parks, which are thematically oriented to Lego toys. In the parks there are replicas of famous buildings from all over the world, made entirely out of Lego-Bricks. Also the rides and other attractions were built out of large Lego-Bricks.
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  • Bobolino Düsseldorf

The Bobbolino children's world in Düsseldorf-Rath offers perfect indoor games for children of all ages, regardless of the weather. From the area for the youngest (from one year) up to the climbing tower, there are plenty of possibilities for heart-racing activities. In addition, the attractions demand and promote the mind (e.g., labyrinth) and the body (e.g., bouncing) of the children in a playful manner, while supporting the development of the child.
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  • Indoor Skipark Neuss

The first indoor skiing attraction in Germany offers everything you need in a proper skiing resort: gentle slopes with a slope of 10 to 18 percent for children and beginners as well as a steep slope with 28 percent for professionals like the numerous ski clubs and national teams who regularly train here. Snowboarders can have fun in the fun park with a kicker as well as box and rails. For those who have never been skiing or snowboarding before, the JEVER FUN SKIHALLE Neuss has a separate 100m long beginner slope for the first experience with winter sports equipment.
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  • Climbing Centre SalzburgerLand Neuss

In seven courses, including a special children's course, everyone can push themselves to the limit and experience great fun. Laid out between masts which reach up to 14 meters high, there are 70 different stations between three, four, seven and nine meters in height. Courage, skill and balance are demanded and promoted here.
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