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In the shopping malls near the famous shoppingstreet “Kö” is it even on a rainy possible to make a perfect shoppingday. Düsseldorf is not the only city where you can shop till you drop, near Düsseldorf there are many shop metropolis. A visit to Düsseldorf is really advisable!

Sunday shopping

Düsseldorf center

The famous shoppingstreet „Königsallee“ offers you every brand a 'shopping queen' dreams of. Whether it is Prada or Gucci, in Dusseldorf you will find it!

Shopping mall “Shadowarkaden” and the old town (Altstadt) offers you a lot of shopping opportunities. The old city is also called the 'longest bar in the world'. After a long day, you can relax here.


Even if the weather is bad, in the big shoppingmall CentrO you will find many stores.

At the Coca Cola Oase you can relax and have brunch or dinner at the many restaurants.


The center of Cologne invites you to have a shoppingday at the famous shoppingstreet „Schilder Gasse“ . Visit the 'Kölner Dom' or the 'Rheinuferpromenade' , this will make your day even more perfect!


For many people, Essen is considered to be a huge shoppingparadise. Many big stores are located here.